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Mr. Apple Discovers the Four Way Test!

Author Wallis Zbitnew had three purposes in mind when writing this book;

First, for it to be used as a fundraiser to help Rotary in its global effort for polio eradication.

Second, to share the values of the Four Way Test and encourage people to use it more broadly.

Third, as a way to share the benefits of Rotary and to invite like-minded people to join the Rotary family.

We hope you will see the amazing value this book holds for everyone that reads it, shares it, but also to know that it will touch the lives of children across the world in areas where Rotary is fighting to eradicate polio. Thank you for your support!


Foreword from Wilfrid Wilkinson, Past President, Rotary International

“As a past President of Rotary International, I have been asked, on a few occasions, to review and report on speeches or writings of Rotarians on a host of related Rotary subjects. However, when Rotarian Wallis Zbitnew of the Rotary Club of Regina South in Saskatchewan, Canada, contacted me I was quite surprised and flattered. She was the first female Rotarian that had ever approached me with a request to write a “foreword” for a book she was writing on “The Four Way Test” developed by Past Rotary International President Herb Taylor. Actually I was intrigued because around 1966 or 1967 I went to the District Conference for my District 707 in Toronto, and the International President’s representative to that Conference was none other than the man himself “Herb Taylor”.

Rotarian Wallis has used her imagination to construct four characters with rather suitable names Mr. Crab Apple,(who subsequently becomes Mr. Delicious Apple), Mrs. Perky Peach, Mr. Lively Lemon and finally Mr. Perfect Plum. Each plays a part in showing how one person, who has lived a rather selfish or inward looking way of life, can be transformed by coming in contact with the right people. It also emphasizes that Rotarians as Members of the oldest Service Club, can easily influence people of all ages if they participate on a regular basis in the fellowship and the community and international activities undertaken by their club.

Herb Taylor’s composition of the “Four Way Test” of “the things we think, say or do” provides the vehicle by which unrelated persons can convince a man who was injured, and for whom no one seemed to care, could have his life redirected. It took these three people, who cared for others, to gradually show him how a simple act of kindness can be the initial turning point in a person’s life. The Rotary philosophy as described so well through a study of Rotary Past President, Herb Taylor’s “Four Way Test” allows the three concerned people to change Mr. Crab Apple to Mr. Delicious Apple.

I enjoyed every page of every chapter and I think everyone will, particularly if they are a Rotarian.”


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Mr Apple and Friends