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Hi, I am Wallis Zbitnew, author of Mr. Apple Discovers the Four Way Test. This page is a bit about me, my passions, purposes and plans to achieve the goals I have set out!

This page is devoted to the eradication of Polio and about offering information on the Four Way Test, accredited to Herbert Taylor, a wise man who offered a simple solution for difficult decisions.

About me:

I have three amazing sons, two who are married and have given me 4 wonderful grandchildren.
In 1997 I joined Rotary and am now a Past-President of the Rotary Club of Regina South. I have attended eight Rotary International conventions. I am also a past member of the Canadian Association of professional Speakers.
In 2005 I was published as one of 17 contributing authors in a book called Expert Women Who Speak…Speak Out! Volume 5.
My credentials include a Master’s Degree in Education, a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism and Communications and accreditation as a Certified Self-Talk trainer from the Institute of Self Talk, Scottsdale, Arizona. Sometimes I get called The Thought Doctor.

I have had the opportunity to coordinated 48 federally-funded employment enhancement programs assisting more than 1000 people in gaining meaningful employment.
For 10 years I facilitated small business seminars throughout Saskatchewan on behalf of the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC). Other seminar and speaking audiences include large corporations, professional groups, women’s groups, and school children (after my return from a five-week UNICEF tour visiting street children projects in Columbia and Brazil).
I have had the pleasure of working with Saskatchewan Education as a curriculum developer and consultant for two years. Prior to that I taught elementary school in Saskatoon, England, Ottawa and Regina over a ten year period.
I am a journalist who has had the luxury of hosting five different TV talk shows on CKTV, SCN and Access 7 all in Saskatchewan.
Lastly… I am the author of Mr. Apple Discovers the Four Way Test!
About my passions and life:


When I was growing up polio was a common disease in Canada. Old and young were being infected by the polio virus. Many of us wondered if we would be the next ones to get this dreaded disease. The symptoms are similar to other illnesses. ..fever, sore throat, fatigue, back and/or neck pain with stiffness  and sometimes pain and stiffness in the arms and legs.

There are also cases of para lytic polio. My cousin contracted that type and became so ill he had trouble breathing. I remember him being in an iron lung in the hospital for months. They told us the iron lung helped his breathing.

One side of his body became quite limp with a loss of reflexes. He maintained a cheerful spirit even though he regularly suffered muscle pain. He left the hospital in a wheelchair and used it till the day he died.

Wheelchair-bound he attended University classes until one day he graduated from law school. He successfully practiced law and lived life to the fullest in site of his handicap.

Polio victims were prevalent years ago. However, since the vaccine has become a mandatory part of children’s inoculations, we no think of polio as a problem. But it still is in at least three countries in the world…Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria.

Recently India was declared polio –free, thanks to the dedicated work of Rotary and its partners.

We must not let up now just because most of the world is polio-free. If we quit now the polio virus would have the potential to re-surface all over the world.

I hope and pray that one day soon Rotary will be able to announce that the entire world is free of this dreaded disease.

That is why we need to raise all the funds we can from the sale of Mr. Apple Discovers The Four Way Test and any other projects we can support that will raise sponsor the eradication of polio.  You can see more on how this book is helping by going here!

Well How about the book?

I knew for years that I had to write this book. The Four Way Test etched its way into my being. until it became internalized and there was not a thought that escaped its scrutiny.

I read and reread the biography of Herbert J. Taylor, author of the Four Way Test. It became crystal clear that the integrity of this man was a result of his right thinking based of these four principles.

A person knows when something is right; when things go well because the right decision is made. A decision that benefits all concerned; a decision that everyone knows is based on truth and fairness, creating goodwill and better friendships and in the end, peace.

My desire is to be a  new messenger of the Four Way Test. Deep inside of me I want to tell the whole wide world about this easy way to make right choices in our lives. You can call it passion, a desire to do what is right, a  happy  and content way of living, or simply peace within yourself and with others.

To have one standard that fits my personal lifestyle, my business decisions, and my social manner is a great way to live with consistency. Others know what they can expect from me as well.

When the Four Way Test is shared with others, they instantly agree that this is a great code of ethics regardless of religion or political stripe. It is a universally accepted code of ethics.

My passion for the Four Way Test will never die.