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The Wisdom in Kindness (Press Release)

New Self-Help Book Delivers on Story, Advice, Enlightenment


Mr. Apple helps others and becomes “delicious”!

[Regina, SK – June, 2014] When Mr. Apple attends the local Rotary Club, he is a bitter and isolated person. Introduced to the way of the Rotary and the Four Way Test, Mr. Apple embarks on a (rather unwilling) journey of self discovery and transformation. 1. Is it the truth? 2. Is it fair to all concerned? 3. Will it build goodwill and better friendships? 4. Will it be beneficial to all concerned? Questions that had never crossed the mind of Mr. Apple lead him to a deeper consideration of his own life and those around him. Blended effortlessly with precise explanations and descriptions of the path to enlightenment, the argument for kindness and mindfulness has never been stronger.


Join Mr. Apple in welcoming others, and wisdom, into his life.

Mr. Apple Discovers The Four Way Test by Wallis Zbitnew published by Inner Truth Publishing begins as a self-help advisory but delivers on a genuine dramatic arc, following the initially bitter and negative Mr. Apple’s journey of transformation and eventual graduation to enlightenment. His story is that of the everyman, easily replaced with someone known to the reader in real life. The Four Way Test changes Mr. Apple’s life for the better, and is a solid structure in which the author delivers the concepts and explanations of personal reformation. Triumphing over negativity and the obstacles holding him back is a narrative that everyone can relate to.

The author of “Mr. Apple”, Wallis Zbitnew

About the Author

When Wallis Zbitnew became a member of the Rotary Club of Regina South in Saskatchewan, Canada in 1997, Rotary’s Four Way Test resounded deeply within her. Since then, several attempts were made to write a book about the Four Way Test. Wallis taught school for ten years and on the completion of her Master of Education degree, coordinated employment enhancement programs, including job skills, life skills and computer training, assisting those re-entering the workforce. Completing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism and Communications, she hosted television news and talk shows over an eight year period including a TV series called Rotary in Action.


Contact Information

Wallis Zbitnew
Tel: (306) 531-6979
Email: wzbitnew@sasktel.net